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For over twenty five years, the founders of DKC have dedicated themselves as commodity and marine advisors and inspectors in different fields such as petroleum, petrochemical products, agricultural products, metals and marine inspections.
Consumer & General Commodities
Agricultural Commodities
Agricultural commodities include commodities resulting from a cultivation of the ground,the rearing of livestock,fishing,fish farming and including fertilizers...
These guidelines are applicable for services for non-food consumer products destined for consumer distribution...
DKC International Inspection Services
شرکت بازرسی فنی دریا کالا کنترل
Metals & Steel Products
These guidelines are applicable for the manufactured products intended for production of goods and services....
Mineral Commodities
DKC is not an agent for its principal, but acts under a mandate from its principal, which is referred to as a Nomination. Wherever possible a nomination should be received from the principal in writing setting forth the details of the nomination or contract...
Petroleum & Petrochemical Products
Petroleum and petrochemical commodities are defined as being commodities resulting from extraction and or distillations of crude oil, minerals and natural gas as described in section 4.2...
Marine Inspections
Are definedas per the list bellow of minerals Raw Materials, Semi-Manufactured Metals, Refined Metals, Recycled Commodities and Fertilizers...
DKC is a provider of inspection, testing and certification services. DKC is not an insurer or guarantor of either quantity or quality of goods or the contractual  performance of any party.

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All our inspection work is consistent with DKC guidelines and the latest IFIA, API and ASTM guidelines, government regulations, and industry protocols or can be  tailored to our client’s specific instructions and needs.
Type of services
The standard services, which DKC typically will agree to provide, are:
• Inspections for quantity
• Inspections for quality
• Inspection for condition of goods, packing, containers and carriers
• Inspection of loading or discharging
• Sampling
• Testing services via a third party laboratory
• Marine cargo related damage and condition surveys

Other services may be specially agreed between DKC and the principal.
DKC International Inspection Services
DKC Services

Darya Kala Control ( DKC ) is a legally constituted business engaged in the trade of inspection and capable of performing inspections in one or more categories of commodities and products.
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